Gig photos & videos

Hey dear fellow musicians,  put the links of your photos and videos on this page from now on. This is a private page, only you – who have the link – see this.

I’m not a professional photographer (yet), but I really love to take pictures and videos about bands  love! I’m just passionate about it, and I’m happy if you like what I do. 

What I don’t like is that when people use my pictures – as profile pics, background pics or whatever – and don’t mention me and don’t give me the credit.

If you like the stuff I do USE it by all means, but PLEASE MENTION my name (tag me like this: @Judit Antal ) and GIVE ME THE CREDIT – thank you! 🙂

I do apologize because  know many of you do this without me asking it. But always there are some people here and there who don’t.

One more thing: I DO NOT share anything without asking you; you always get links to private albums / video links and I make them public after you agreed to only! Call me silly but I do care about how people feel about pics&videos 🙂 

Okay now let’s see the links to your stuff!


Kung Fu Chicken Fighters Live 21/7/2016<<<

Manhattan Dragon live<<<

Hummune Live @Finns Weymouth, 4th November 2016<<<


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