Mercury retrograde’s effects on our lives


Let’s see what the adventages and disadvantages of this infamous period are.

Since Mercury is mainly the planet of communication, that’s exactly the main area where we experience difficulties when it moves “backwards”: in our communication.

But it doesn’t stop at communication issues (often manifesting as slowliness or sluggishness in it, which means that we can experience misunderstandings, emails sent to wrong email addresses, dialling wrong numbers, misinterpreted words, etc.), but often our devices and machines we rely on can start playing up and misfunctioning. Commuting can take longer than usual, with more traffic jams and in general, everything gets slower. Businesses, court procedures, legal actions, official proceedings can experience slowliness, postal services can get disrupted, and overall there’s a sluggishness and heaviness to everything compared to other periods of the year.

Mercury’s actual backwards movement only lasts for around 3 and a half weeks each time, however, its effect can be detected in the preshadow and aftershadow periods, too, which are two weeks before and after the period. (At the end of this article I’ll list these periods.)


Mercury – Photo by NASA

Of course in preshadow and aftershadow the effect is milder than in the main period, but still it is there and affects us.

In order to get through this period without issues, or even to enjoy it as much as it’s possible, you have to keep it in mind that it affects everybody and for everyone it will be harder to understand things, including you.

It’s important to make sure that you communicate as clearly as possible. Pay more attention to your choice of words, than at other times. Do everything to get clearly understood and to avoid misunderstandings. Speak less, stay silent and listen, think more. It’s a perfect time for meditation – do it more than at other times.

In the mean time don’t forget that even if you do your best, there will still be some miscommunications. Take it as it’s the perfect time to upgrade your communication skills (of which the most important main part is listening to the other person carefully). This latter is one of the main problems in our society by default, not just during Mercury retrograde, but in this period it’s unavoidable to deal with it. So don’t give up, if you’re persistent, you can improve a lot in your communication during these periods, something that we all need.

Persistence, naturally, doesn’t mean struggling with or pushing and forcing something.

All in all, it’s just like with other periods: you have to get the best out of it. It’s not in the least a time for pushing, stretching and forcing – that would only backfire. Just let things slow down around you and you slow down yourself with them, too, and turn inwards.

Life brings back old, unsettled issues. You can look back into your past and pick up lost threads to rethink them, examine and investigate them from new perspectives. You will understand very important things, your field of vision gets broader, you will get wiser and your soul will get richer.

Past issues, of which you thought they were once settled can reappear, so that now they can get resolved satisfactorily to all parties involved.

You can experience reverse energies at force, too: there will be days when you can see counter-effects, like some unresolved issues which seemed frozen for a long time now start to set into motion – this kind of effect is largely helped and boosted if you use those “melancholic” days for turning inwards and doing a strict and honest tidying up of what’s inside. And as inside order and harmony are born, similarly outside things get moving joyfully towards harmony.

Very important influences from the past can reach you in this period, which will be of use for you later.

And then let’s see the actual periods (I included preshadow and aftershadow in them):
– 8th March – 4th May
– 7th July – 2nd September
– 28th October – 24th December

You can follow Mercury’s actual motion at the below link:

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